Picking PhotoPeach


The one thing to remember about technology is that it isn’t always reliable. Always, always have a backup plan. I’ve managed to have my PC, my laptop and my iPhone all die within an hour of each other. *Sigh* However, we are back up and running… for the moment anyway!

Today I powered on (including a few restarts) to learn a new web 2.0 tool for the classroom. The website of interest today is:

Now for the purpose of discovering PhotoPeach for myself, I made the following slideshow. Please bare in mind, my curious adventurers, as I am working from my laptop I had limited photos with which to use. I ended up using photos from my Picasa Web album to make this slide show. Luckily, one of the features of PhotoPeach is the function to add photos from Picasa or Facebook. So in other words, this is a short personal slide show. Quick background information may be required for the purposes of you viewing this.

  1. Every year since I was 4 I have attended the Port Fairy Folk Festival with my mum (and in recent years my best friend as well)
  2. Don’t forget to laugh at us, because it is all in the name of fun and discovery.

Folkie 2011 on PhotoPeach

Now that you have been subjected to way too much of Miss K – I think we’ll move on to how this can be used in the classroom. While that was an example of PhotoPeach’s slideshow, it’s not a great example of classroom use. During my self-tutorial of the PhotoPeach site, I came across a slideshow made by the class of 2CB. This is a fantastic example of how PhotoPeach could be used in the classroom! Take a look below:

 Our First Week in 2CB! on PhotoPeach

Slideshows are a quick and very easy way to present photos for use in the classroom. Not only do the visual learners have something to look at, but it is a way for your students to visually remember something in regards to the topic, rather than just facts. Show you epals across the other side of the world photos of what you are doing at school or share knowledge on local events to overseas classes. With PhotoPeach it’s a matter of Choose your photos, Pick your music, Play your video. Too easy!

As a teacher, our aim is to encourage students to be better thinkers, better learners. Using slideshows in your classroom will give your students the chance to visually experience, express and evolve their own learning. Not only that, as you can embed it on your class wiki or blog, parents can see how the classroom works for themselves. Use slide shows for group work, collaboration, exploration, to consolidate and to discover ways to visually represent information.

PhotoPeach Tutorials:

Seeing is believing.

Logging off,

Miss K.

Skilful Skype

Hello travelers!

Today I want to bring your mind back to a subtle little program called Skype. You know it, right? Well today I want to introduce you to:

You read right! Now you can use Skype in your classroom. Brilliant! With Skype in the classroom you could…

  • collaborate on projects with classes across the globe;
  • have Q & A sessions with people of interest;
  • discover new cultures; or
  • meet new people!

Skype in the ClassroomIf you’re interested in the pro’s and con’s of Skype in the classroom – take a quick hop over to my website where I’ve previously listed the advantages and disadvantages.

I know the idea could possibly be a little overwhelming bare with me for a moment. I want you to think about all those ideas and excursions running around in your head that the budget or time won’t allow for… now I want you to think about the possibility of a Skype call instead… getting a little clearer?

What about all those second and third hand accounts via text books or information web pages that students skip over reading rather than try sort through all the tedious information amongst it? How about interviewing a first hand account? Now are you with me?

Skype in the classroom  breaks the barriers of what originally was an impossibility. Ask a buddy classroom what their usual day routine is or what their national holidays involve! Interview an scientist who is studying a volcano right now! Those four walls surrounding you are no longer solid. You can use your imagination, you can use Skype in the classroom!

Check out the video below for what Skype is really all about:


Below I’ve included a lesson plan which incorporates Google Earth and Skype in the Classroom. By all means, download a copy for future reference! It’s by no means perfect so feel free to ‘tweak’ it to suit your needs. It is just one of the many examples of how Skype can be used in the classroom.

If you have difficulties with Scribd, jump over to my website here where you can find the PDF and DOCX versions of the lesson plan to download as well.

Technology Lesson Plan