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There was one class this semester that I thought I would, frankly, fall asleep in. That was the subject of “Understanding Learners’. Much to my surprise, this class is opening my mind to well, some of the most obvious, yet little discussed aspects of learning. I am actually listening, and enjoying, what is happening in this class (heaven forbid)!

One of the most important roles of becoming a teacher, is becoming a guide. With being a good guide, is the understanding the of different people you have in your group. This for a teacher means your learners. Even though they are all in the ‘one class’ they each have a different way they interpret the information that they are provided with. As a teacher coming into the age where we want to encourage great thinkers, their preferred learning styles are a must know for us! In order to understand our students, we should understand ourselves as learners first.

In good faith to my tutor I decided to explore what kind of learner I am. Now, there are hundreds if not thousands of websites out there that have plenty of personality or learning style quizzes and questionnaires. The one I ended up trying out was “What’s Your Learning Style?” on EduTopia. The quiz contained only 24 questions, which was just enough for my concentration to last until the end. And the results? Pretty much summed me up! Check them out below:

These are my results:

There is a fantastic post written by the Edutopia Staff about Multiple Intelligences that writes about “kids in [their] classrooms [who] possess natural aptitudes for music, sports, emotional understanding — strengths that cannot be identified in traditional test”. It’s a short post written about Harvard University education professor Howard Gardner’s book Frames of Mind: The Theory Of Multiple Intelligences published in 1983. It will only take you about 5 minutes to read and holds a great number of references handy to the whole process of different learners.

As we are all learners, knowing what our preferred learning style is a creative tool to get around those all-night study nights we think we have to have! Discover what your learning style is, I’d be interested to know just how different we all are!


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2 thoughts on “What’s Your Learning Style?

  1. Thank you for introducing me to Quizlet-I could spend all day on it. What a fabulous resource. Once again I owe you, I have saved the website and look forward to using it!
    There are so many different uses, book reviews, language studies, everything I am amazed at all the information on one site.

  2. Thanks Stacey – I’m certainly trying. While Diigo is good for collating all the fantastic sites, it’s nice to be able to look around one site and see what else you can find! I hope to keep the blog going after the class for everyone to keep using

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