Tackling Timelines

Secret find for today is…


Confused yet? Want to take a guess?

It’s an interactive website on timelines.

Now we all know that timelines can be messy. Timetoast is there to fix exactly that (and make it fun as well). Now think of all that time spent with students drawing, ruling, scribbling a timeline that in the end looks like a toddler just discovered a pencil… Want to change that? Timetoast is a creative and interactive website that allows you to create timelines and the share them. They even have an ’embed’ option for those of you who have a class blog or website.

Let me show you an example. Here is a timeline I found on Timetoast that is the ‘History of the Internet’.



Like what you see? Then take a little stroll over to Timetoast and I’m sure you will see that being a (free) service to save you time and eye-strain it is a fantastic add to that Diigo collection I know you’ve all started!

Logging off,

Miss K


2 thoughts on “Tackling Timelines

  1. straight into Diigo! Thanks Kim this is a really cool feature.

    Also I love ur new theme 🙂 I was going to go for it but decided not too last minute – how great is edublogs pro!

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